Mafia III is due to launch in 2016 and will be set in a re- imagined New Orleans in 1968. This is an era full of corruption and organize crime where the police are in the pockets of the Italian mob who control the streets  with drug, prostitution and gambling activities.

The action in Mafia III will concentrate on ex-Vietnam Veteran Lincoln Clay who finds himself returning from war and looking for a place to call home. He joins up with the mob, but soon finds that he’s betrayed by the people he trusted. Lincoln becomes intent on revenge and disrupts the balance of power as he takes on the Italians. Lincoln find himself building a mob of his own, a new empire that could take over the city.

2K says Mafia III will feature a dynamic narrative structure that puts choice firmly in the hands of players who can choose between all out brute force, cunning, stalking or deception to build their empire.

Source: PlayStation Universe

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