On our recent excursion to Fantasticon, Toledo, Nerd Nation had the opportunity to talk to a couple of celebrities at the event. This first interview is with Gregory French, actor. Gregory​​​​​​​​ is best known for his many appearances on “The Walking Dead”, where he has played around 20 different walkers in seasons 3 through 6 including the Barbed Wire Face Walker, one of the Gas Mask Walkers, and several Prison Walkers, Woodbury walkers, and one of the Saviors. Greg’s other television credits include shows such as “Under the Dome,” “Revolution,” “Vampire Diaries,” “Sleepy Hollow,” and “Banshee,” and he is currently in production on the Cinemax series “Outcast.”

His movie credits include “Spiderman Homecoming”, “Iron Man 3″, “Parental Guidance”, and “We’re the Millers”. He also enjoys the Indie film world where he has earned starring roles in the horror film, “The Legend of 7 Toe Maggie”, and the military comedy “Weekend Warriors”.

We asked French which came first for him – being a zombie expert or getting a role as a zombie and learning as you go? “I was a fan but all my zombie stuff comes from the show.” He said he’s researched and read more about zombies since being on the show “The Walking Dead.”

Nerd Nation: Do you consider yourself a zombie expert and do you have a game plan if there’s a zombie uprising?
French: No, I don’t really consider myself an expert. And I’ll probably die right off the bat (in an uprising). I may not be so bad being a zombie. They might be happy, just walking around being zombies.

Nerd Nation: When you get a role a movie like “Iron Man 3” or “Spiderman: Homecoming”, do you feel like you’re really a part of a big movie or do you think it’s no big deal because it’s just a small part?
French: A lot of ‘Walkers’ get little bit pieces, often because they are used to the long hours in makeup, in the heat. For instance, a lot of ‘Walkers’ were cast in “Guardians of the Galaxy” which was filmed in Atlanta. I can’t speak for all actors but I always think, I was in that, it was amazing! So no, I always feel like I’m a part of the movie, it’s a job no matter the size of the role.

Nerd Nation: Can you tell us what your role is in “Spiderman: Homecoming”?
French: I’m a DODC guard.
Nerd Nation: Can you tell us anything else about the scene itself?
French: Nope, not until it’s (the movie) released.

Gregory French is a New York native now living in South Carolina. In addition to acting, he enjoys costuming and building sci-fi props and considers himself to be an all-around supernerd as a member of the 501st Legion, the R2 Builders Club, and the Doctor Who Costuming Academy.


Stay tuned for another interview – this one with Arvell Jones, artist for Marvel and DC Comics.

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