Usually featuring characters in skimpy or skin-tight clothing (or none at all), under the assumption that it will attract or “reward” viewers, Fan-service is material added expressly to please the audience. The characters are usually female (cheesecake), though Fan-service of male characters (beefcake) is actually just as, if not more, common.

Not to be confused with porn (or Hentai), Fan-service does offer a fair amount of gratuitous panty shots and glimpses of breasts and sexy content is considered the standard fare. But Fan-service can also indicate flashy mecha attacks, long guitar/bass/drum solos in a concert, or long fight scenes. Whatever “services” the fans (more than the story) – that’s the bottom line for Fan-service.

‘Masamune-kun’s Revenge’ manga gets an anime


As an overweight child, Makabe Masamune was mercilessly teased and bullied by one particular girl, Adagaki Aki. Determined to one day exact his revenge upon her, Makabe begins a rigorous regimen of self-improvement and personal transformation.

Years later, Masamune re-emerges as a new man. Handsome, popular, with perfect grades and good at sports, Masamune-kun transfers to Aki’s school, and is unrecognizable to her. Now, Masamune-kun is ready to confront the girl who bullied him so many years ago and humiliate her at last. But will revenge be as sweet as he thought?

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‘Daimidaler’s’ dub cast, trailer


The cast, under ADR director Clifford Chapin and head writer John Burgmeier, includes:

Matthew Mercer as Kouichi
Emily Neves as Kyoko
Cherami Leigh as Kiriko
Todd Haberkorn as Shouma
J. Michael Tatum as Matayoshi
Patrick Seitz as Penguin Emperor
Tessa Ellory as Ritz

The creators of High School DxD bring you a ridiculously raunchy romp through a world filled with mechs powered by perversion! The earth is under attack by the alien Penguin Empire and only heroes able to produce Hi-Ero particles need apply. Piloting the Daimidaler mechs are master pervert Kouichi with his take-no-prisoners libido and Kiriko, a girl who can level cities just by thinking of her boyfriend. It’s up to them to dodge the massive front tails of the filthy penguin commandos and go toe to toe with rival mechs powered by a girl who loves penguins a little too much. Experience an overflow of Hi-Ero power with brave ‘Daimidaler’! Out December 15.


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‘Prison School’ English dub trailer

prison school 02

The Prison School cast, under ADR director Sonny Strait, and ADR engineers Jeremy Woods and Patrick Morphy, include:

  • Austin Tindle as Kiyoshi
  • Eric Vale as Gakuto
  • Sonny Strait as Andre
  • Chris Bevins as Joe
  • Clifford Chapin as Shingo
  • Tia Ballard as Mari
  • Whitney Rodgers as Meiko
  • Alexis Tipton as Hana
  • Kristen McGuire as Chiyo
  • Smokey Delange as Chairman

For the more on Prison School check out this post here.

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‘Prison School’ anime starts

prison school 01

Prison School tells the story of Hachimitsu Private Academy, a revered and elite all-girls’ boarding school on the outskirts of Tokyo…once upon a time. But with the new school year comes a revision to school policy: boys are to be admitted into the student body for the first time ever. But on his first day at Hachimitsu, Kiyoshi Fujino discovers that he’s one of only five boys enrolled at the school. Their numbers are overwhelmed by the thousand girls in the student body: is it heaven or hell that awaits these five (un)fortunates?! Prison School starts July 10th.

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Nozo x Kimi manga ending

Nozo x Kimi

Wakoh Honna is ending the spinoff of Nozoki Ana called Nozo x Kimi, coming out on April 15 in the 19th issue of Shogakukan’s Weekly Shonen Sunday.

The story follows Suga Kimio who finds himself hiding in the girls locker room, unable to move or escape the situation as the girls in his school crowd in. Although he originally has no ulterior motives, he finds himself panicking as he hears the girls coming in and hides in a locker. Komine Nozomi, one of the shy girls in his class finds him, but surprisingly covers for him. Perplexed but glad, Kimio goes home.

Later that night, he gets a text from Nozomi who happens to live across the way on the same floor of the complex they both live in. She blackmails him into agreeing to show each other’s bodies when she texts him. Kimio has to abide by Nozomi’s insane demands or risk ruining his school life so they both start their little peep show through each others windows…

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