Destiny has been subjected to another weekly game world reset, bringing with it a fresh Nightfall/Heroic Strike for Guardians to tackle.

This week’s line-up, as previously leaked yesterday, is the strike on Mars resulting in the battle with the chaingun-wielding Valus Ta’aurc.

For the Heroic Strike you’ll have to contend with the Lightswitch modifier to spice things up, while Nightfall challengers must face the Epic, Lightswitch, Angry, and Juggler modifiers.

Of course, as part of the weekly reset, you’ll also be able to collect a fresh set of Vanguard and Crucible Marks if you happened to have maxed out during the last seven days.

Destiny’s next batch of DLC, House of Wolves, is expected to show up in May 2015. Bungie has said that a release date will be announced at some point this month, so hopefully we won’t have long to wait.

By Michael Harradence
Source: PlayStation Universe


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