Contributed by guest writer MB

What says Valentine’s Day more than a violent (but funny) Marvel “superhero” movie? Abso-f’n-lutely nothing! Deadpool was on tap for this writer’s day of romance and, despite not having any prior knowledge about this character, I knew I was in for a drop of blood – or 3,000. Now I’m normally not fond of gratuitous violence but that isn’t what’s offered in this movie. Once you know Deadpool, you know there HAS to be violence otherwise, what’s the point? But to ease my squeamish gut was enough Ryan Reynolds pre-scar face to make my girly heart flutter (yes, I’m a nerd chick) and enough humor to provide a wealth of chuckles, even during the most stomach-churning scenes. Like the one where…Oh never mind, I’m not a spoiler! And it’s not just the one-liners and the (often) crass sophomoric “jokes” – there’s also a fair amount of brilliant jabs at studios and past Ryan Reynolds forays (Green Lantern? Yeah, there’s a joke or two about it). And Mr. Pool is, throughout, aware that he is a fictional character and that there is an audience watching as he tells his story, which makes for a few Jim Carrey in The Mask type scenes. (Be sure to stay until the credits are done rolling for a wrap up Deadpool conversation with the audience). Overall, this writer thinks Deadpool delivered – something totally different from your typical Marvel superhero movie but spot on for this outrageous anti-hero in red spandex.

Just a reminder – this movie has an R rating for reason, people! Do not take kids to see Deadpool. It is beyond inappropriate for the young’uns.

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