Not only was there a treasure trove of goodies for nerds of all ages at the Wizard World Comic Con in Chicago, but there were also celebrities that spanned a wide range of interests. Unfortunately, we were highly anticipating David Tennant and he was a last-minute cancellation, also in attendance was John Cusack, Danny Trejo, WWE stars, The Hardy Boys and Alexa Bliss as well as Dean Cain, Lou Ferrigno and Michael Rooker (“I’m Mary Poppins, y’all”).

We took the opportunity to sit in on Paul Bettany’s panel as well as the girls of SHIELD, Elizabeth Henstridge and Cobie Smulders. Here’s some highlights from each panel (from fan questions):

Fan: Which Defender would you want to join the Avengers?
Bettany: I don’t really know but I will go with Daredevil because he’s my son’s favorite.

Fan: What was it like to work with Heath Ledger?
Bettany: He loved to have fun. I never saw the darkness. He just didn’t know when to stop the fun. I really miss him. He was one of the most alive people I ever met.

Fan: What’s going to happen between Vision and Scarlet Witch in Infinity War?
Bettany: I could tell you but then I’d get shot and then I’d get fired after I got shot! But really I can tell you that Infinity War is the biggest production I’ve ever been on. Ever.

Fan: When you were younger, what did you watch on TV or in the movies that made you want to act?
Bettany: I always lie about this answer but the truth is it was Star Wars. My Dad was a teacher and my Mom was a secretary and I wanted to be a guitar player but I’m just not a good enough guitar player.

Fan: Which Jarvis did you prefer to play or do you prefer Vision?
Bettany: Vision although Jarvis was great but it’s really nice not to be anyone’s servant any more.

Fan: When you signed up to be Jarvis, did you know you’d be Vision?
Bettany: No, not at all. Favreau needed someone for the voice of a computer with no personality at all and he called and said he thought of me.

Fan: You seem like the most down to earth person…..
Bettany: I’m not, I’m faking it.
Fan: What bad guy would you play if you had an opportunity?
Bettany: It would have to be Thanos.

Fan: Do you have any roles you regret playing?
Bettany: Yeah, yes I do but I’d never mention them because every film is someone’s vision and dream.

Fan: What is the difference you find between the MCU movies compared to Knight’s Tale?
Bettany: I was younger and drack more and I could stay up later.

Fan: Who’s your favorite superhero or villain from MCU or DC?
Bettany: I would have to pick the Joker and Heath’s portrayal of the Joker was magnificent. I love Batman too. On the Marvel side, it’s Vision. I have to say that cause it keeps the kids in shoes.

Fan: Who decided Jennifer (Connelly, his wife) would be the new female Jarvis?
Bettany: It was Kevin Feige’s idea – he said, “Don’t you think it’d be like the most meta thing in the world?” He asked the missus and she said yes. I just asked what this meta thing was he was talking about.

Now to the girls of SHIELD:

Fan: Are there any literary characters you’d like to play?
Smulders: Any Jane Austen character.
Henstridge: Mr. Darcy. Well I guess I’d be Ms. Darcy.
Smulders: Evil complicated characters are the most interesting to play.

Fan: What’s the best thing about playing Simmons?
Henstridge: I get to look like I’m clever.

Fan: Have your kids seen you on TV or in the movies and how do they know you from that?
Smulders: My 8 year old is still a little too young and doesn’t really watch things I’m in but kids at school are starting to say, “Your Mom is in Avengers.” They just know me as Mom.

Fan: If you weren’t acting, what would you want to do?
Smulders: I would be a marine biologist. I was enrolled in college for that but then I met a group of really cool actors and realized I could get paid for it so I thought I’d try that. I still think about giving up acting sometimes and going back into marine biology.
Henstridge: I loved psychology and I’m fascinated by people but I don’t really know.

Fan: What would you do if you had to choose between movies, TV and plays?
Smulders: If I was just doing theater, I’d be the happiest person.

Fan: What was it like preparing for the Framework storyline (Agents of SHIELD)
Henstridge: It was awful. I wasn’t with Ian (Fitz) which was different and I didn’t see him until he was evil. But Simmons did get some sassy clothes to wear for awhile. That was fun.

For more of the panel with Cobie Smulders and Elizabeth Henstridge, see the YouTube video below.

We have one more interview to share with you in a couple of days. Stay tuned!

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