Han's Wife

The Internet is at it again, forgetting how Disney itself set up the new canon and bashing Disney for not following the canon they set up. The Vault on the Star Wars Story group explains how it all works, with the original films being unable to be written over, only redefined. It is clear that, one way or another, Han will have no wife by The Empire Strikes Back. So whatever explains her in Star Wars by Marvel (comic #6), has to go away by Empire. Han having a wife could be a overstatement by Lando’s kid sister yanking Han’s chain or it could be he has a wife who is working for the Empire (nothing kills that loving feeling like your wife being a Nazi),  or it could be his family arranged it, or she could die. Marvel Star Wars does take place after A New Hope – that’s a lot of time between films seeing as canon hasn’t set numbers on stories too much. This is what Disney wants, however – to get people talking.

Source: Star Wars Marvel comic #6

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