Agents-of-SHIELD debrief 1

One of my favorite things to do while watching Marvel Movies is to get references to the comics that may or may not effect more Marvel projects and events. This weekend series will try to logically point out those things and give you a starting place to check out related topics.
This episode of Agents of SHIELD, called Laws of Nature, centered around Joey Gutierrez, who doesn’t (yet) have a comic book reference attached to his name much like Skye didn’t until she was revealed as Daisy Johnson last season. Nor do his powers give us a clue.
Coulson’s hand (the one that he lost last season) is now a replaceable robotic hand and the mug he is using features Grumpy Cat on it, which showed up last year as well.
The Advanced Threat Containment Unit was set up by President Matthew Ellis (who was in Ironman 3).  Neither Matthew Ellis nor ATCU have a comic book link yet.
Lash is the character chasing SHIELD in the hospital  – he is from the ‘Inhuman’ comics.
The main event of The Avengers: Age Of Ultron that happened in Sokovia was referenced.
How Hank Pym lost his wife was referenced, thereby referencing Ant-man.

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