The following questions pertain to Amazon products sold through Nerd Nation only. Please see the FAQ at the bottom of the page for questions pertaining to Nerd Nation direct product shopping and general Store questions.  Still can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Use the contact information in the sidebar.

Why Amazon?

The majority of the products in the Nerd Nation Store are brought to you by Amazon, one of the largest and most trusted online shopping sites in the world, in order to provide a much larger selection of items at the best possible prices.

How do I know which items are sold through Amazon?

The majority of products found in the Nerd Nation store are sold through Amazon. The items that are specifically sold through Nerd Nation are noted in the product description as a Nerd Nation (NN) product.

How does all this affect shopping at Nerd Nation?

The only difference you will encounter while shopping at Nerd Nation is when you are ready to checkout your cart. All Amazon based products will be checked out through Amazon’s website so you will be redirected there to finalize your purchase. If you make a purchase of Nerd Nation products (noted in the products’ description), you will check out those items right here at Nerd Nation with PayPal. Therefore, you may have 2 separate checkout processes to follow. Please check out with Amazon first and then return to this site to finalize your Nerd Nation order.

What about shipping?

The good news is Amazon offers Super Saver shipping on many items you will find at Nerd Nation (with a minimum required purchase). And products that are purchased through Amazon will be shipped to you by Amazon. Nerd Nation items will continue to be shipped by USPS First Class or Priority shipping.

Can orders be canceled or returned to Amazon?

All items purchased through Amazon will be purchased following Amazon’s policies. Please contact Amazon to inquire about order cancellations or refunds.

Can I use an Amazon gift card?

You can use an Amazon gift card through the Amazon checkout process. These can not be used on Nerd Nation products checked out through the Nerd Nation website.

Can I buy other products at Amazon not found at Nerd Nation?

Of course! Once you are redirected to Amazon to check out, you can continue shopping for any products at the Amazon website to add to your existing purchases. Happy shopping!

Contact Us

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The following questions pertain to Nerd Nation products and general shopping inquiries only. Please see the FAQ at the top of the page for questions pertaining to purchases made through the site.  Still can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Use the contact information in the sidebar.

How can I search for products?

On the main Store page, you will find a number of categories to browse as well as a Search button. In addition, when you choose any single product, you will find a Search button in the sidebar as well as a drop down menu of all product categories. There are also categories and tags listed with each product for additional search support.

How can I ask a question about a product?
It is best to drop us an email at or give us a call at (419) 824-0514 for fastest response.
What if I want a product in a different color or size?
If the product is available in different sizes, colors or formats, there will be a drop down box on the product page for you to make your selection. The option must be chosen first before an Add to Cart button will appear.
How can I find my cart?

Your cart appears at the top right of the website and indicates the number of items currently in it. Additionally, the cart page can be found in the menu of main pages toward the top of the page. If you are on a mobile device, you may need to rotate the orientation of your screen to see the cart icon at the top of the page or select the cart page from the drop down menu of main page links.

I don't have a Pay Pal account - can I still order?
Yes! Pay Pal will process any credit card payment without having to be a Pay Pal member. If you have any problems, contact us at for assistance.
How are products shipped?
At this time, we ship only to the U.S. through the Post Office. Choices for shipping will include First Class and Priority Rate mail and you can choose what is best for you. If the package is of a certain weight, shipping will automatically be set to Priority Mail. Keep in mind, First Class does take longer than Priority – just in case you’re in a hurry.
When will my order ship?
Shipping time varies depending on the product and our stock availability. Generally, your order will ship within 7 business days but may ship sooner. Be assured that we will get your order shipped out as soon as possible!
When will my backordered item ship?
We can’t predict when a back-ordered product will be available but we will ship it as soon as we can! If anything happens and the product becomes unavailable, we will contact you as soon as possible and issue a refund for that item.
Can I change my order?
Your order can only be changed if it has not been processed for shipping. This usually occurs within 24 hours of placing an order. For fastest response, please call us at (419) 824-0514 for order change requests.
Where can I find my account information?
In order to find your order history, go to
Can I return products?
We only accept returns on products that arrive to you damaged. In order to file a request to return a product, please contact us at and explain the situation. A photo of the damaged item will be required, as well. We will then respond with the steps necessary for a return. We do not pay postage for returning items at this time.